Biometric machines to keep track of teachers

Assam State education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced recently that biometric machines with geofencing will track the presence of school teachers during duty hours in government-run schools of Assam from next year.
Speaking at a government ceremony in which about 250 post-graduate teachers were appointed, Himanta Biswa Sarma said the authentication devices will be installed in all government schools, from lower primary to senior secondary level, to prevent teachers from bunking their duties.
"The biometric machines will recognize the identity of the teachers during entry and exit. This will make it mandatory for the teachers to come to school For their attendance to be registered. This will make it impossible for them to bunk their duties," the minister said. He also said teachers working in government run schools should not be involved in other professions.
Asking the teachers to focus solely on their teaching responsibilities, the education minister added, "Many teachers are making political comments on Facebook and Twitter. It doesn't matter whether these statements are pro-BJP or anti-BJP. This practice should be discouraged. Teachers should not indulge in personal attacks or criticize their superiors on social media."
Himanta Biswa Sarma also criticized the bureaucratic red tape that delays the timely release of salaries of newly recruited teachers in the state. He warned that the government will lodge FIRs against the senior education department officials who misuse their power and send teachers to schools where they are not posted by the government. He also promised massive academic and administrative developments in the state education sector in 2018. About 3,000 government-run schools will be re¬shaped as 'model schools' with the best Faculty members and upgraded infrastructure, he said. These schools will set the standard to be followed by others especially because the government-run schools are finding it difficult to compete with the private institutions, he added.