Ambrane Smartwatch ASW – 11

Ambrane launches its latest ASW-11 Smartwatch. Pushing the boundaries of the traditional art of watchmaking along with the touch of echnology, the device not only shows you the time, but also has Bluetooth connectivity and doubles as a fitness tracker, allowing you to do so much more!  Key Features: LCD display, Accept or Reject calls and Snooze alarms, Bluetooth Connectivity, Incoming calls, text messages and email alerts, Fitness Tracker, Monitors Sleep Pattern, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder. Truly multifunctional the smart watch boasts features that allows you to accept or reject the call or snooze an alarm. It also lets you set call or message reminders. The watch enables the user to create short reminders and to-do lists to manage your hectic schedule. The watch puts the convenience of a smartphone and a fitness tracker at the flick of your wrist, allowing users to even track the daily fitness activities. Monitor your sleep patterns, steps in a day with pedometer or hydrate yourself when at work with Alerts which also includes sedentary reminder for your inactive lifestyle.