Astrum super Slim Bluetooth Speaker ST150

Astrum announces its newest Super Slim Bluetooth Speaker- ST150.The newest ST 150 is everything a Bluetooth Speaker should be – Its Loud, yet detailed. Portable but still incredibly durable, a perfect balance between sound, features and price. Ergonomically designed at 450g and supremely portable to the extent of sliding in your pocket, the speaker is powered by 10w that gives you excellent sound quality, coming together to offer shockproof and dustproof peace of mind. Its surprisingly big sound with beautiful bass audible up to 10 meters of the range is certainly personable. Listen to the much-loved playlist for upto 4 hours of playback with its 700mah Li-ion Polymer battery backup. With 360 degree surround sound profile, the speaker defies its size, pumping out balanced audio full of bass, layered with mids and highs that don’t distort. Connectivity options include Bluetooth and AUX, for an all-round solid performance.