VIVOTEK Multi-Adjustable Sensor Dome Network Camera- MA8391-ETV

VIVOTEK’s new multi-adjustable sensor dome camera, the MA8391-ETV features four independent 3-megapixel CMOS sensors allowing users to simultaneously view four different areas while occupying only a single IP address. Due to its unique and small design, the camera is perfect for surveillance of large areas, such as parking lots and shopping malls, as well as for spaces like hallways intersections and building corners. Especially equipped with four independent sensors, each sensor features 3-megapixel and a 2.8 to 8 mm lens with remote-focus capability, allowing clients to both monitor wide spaces and retain a clear view of all details with the zoom-in function. This versatility makes operators are able to remotely tune the zoom and focus of each individual lens precisely, enabling full 360° coverage. Furthermore, it deploys SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) technology and a removable IR-cut filter, making it a true professional day and night camera. With an IK10 and IP66-rated housing and -40°C to 55°C operating temperature range, the MA8391-ETV is able to withstand rain and dust, and is safeguarded against vandalism and tampering when deployed for outdoor surveillance. Equipped with all the above features, the MA8391-ETV is the smallest of its type with a diameter of 21 centimeters but still packs a powerful punch.