GALAX SNPR External Graphics Enclosure

GALAX has introduced the GALAX SNPR External Graphics Enclosure with GEForce 10606GB to elevate your Laptop gaming to 10X faster than integrated display performance. Simply connect the Galax SNPR External Graphics Enclosure to a Thunderbolt™ 3 certified Laptop or Mini PC and experience the new level of laptop gaming performance and be ready for the latest PC and VR Games. The SNPR External Graphics Enclosure is portable and space saving, the size is only 170x170mm, even smaller than a Mini-ITX. You can also save time to market for new models, because of its Modular Thunderbolt™ 3 and graphics card PCB design. High performance twin fans, triple heat-pipes and a fan duct keeps the GPU and other major components cool for extreme gaming. Only one simple Thunderbolt™ 3 cable, you can connect an external display for best performance, supporting DVI-D, HDMI or Display Port, with a maximum of 3 displays. Rendered frames can be sent back to the host’s internal display using Thunderbolt™ 3 as well, with a slight performance impact.