Portronics Retractable Bluetooth Earphones “Harmonics Klip II”

Portronics Harmonics Klip II, is a lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 headset with clip for dual-purpose music and calling. It is a retractable Bluetooth earphone with great sound quality, CVC noise cancellation technology and long standby time to let you enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth with clarity of calls and superior quality music. This Bluetooth earphone has a high tech CSR chip on it that allows voice prompting the caller’s phone number and cleans up noise from the phone calls while on the move. One of the greatest features for the people, who carry two cell phones, Harmonics Klip II, with Bluetooth V4.1 connectivity, allows pairing with both of them simultaneously, allowing calls from any of the phones. One can easily control volume levels quickly and swiftly on the Bluetooth headset without even operating the phone. Harmonics Klip II comes with strong retractable wire and extremely comfortable ear bud. It allows to simply pull out and insert the tethered ear bud into the ear when answering a call or listening to music. Once the call is over or one is done with the listening to music, one has to simply press a push-button on the headset to auto-retract the ear bud into the headset. This prevents the ear fatigue and gives the suave look with no dangling wires.