Portronics “SoundCake”

Portronics High Quality and Extremely Versatile Re-Chargeable Stereo Speaker with TWS
Technology "SoundCak e" is the amazingly stylish audio gem. The most awe-inspiring
part of this is its enables you to connect two SoundCake speakers via Bluetooth 4.1 and create a wireless stereo Left Channel and Right Channel, so you can have a true stereo sound effect in a flash. You can play great quality music or watch HD movies with equally great sound from your smartphone, tab, laptop, computer and iPod (using AUX cable where Bluetooth is not an option). The versatile SoundCake bridges the gap of STEREO Vs PORTABILITY with style. It allows you to connect your music sources through Bluetooth or AUX cable. SoundCake also gives you great convenience of hands-free phone calls. With in-built mic and speakerphone facility, you can take/reject/end calls coming to your smartphone. You can end or deny calls very easily and continue with your favorite songs without missing a note. A single SoundCake offers two powerful 5 W inbuilt speakers with great amplifiers to offer fantastic surround sound output. It has powerful metal grill body of around 412 grams which packs the punch across the audio spectrum. The powerful industry-leading size of 2600mAh lithium Ion battery can play music for more than 8 hours on a single recharge. The battery can be recharged in just around 2 hours. Battery indicator LEDs make it easy to know the battery charge status. All this makes it a very compact and highly portable system.