Matrix Launches COSEC Facial Recognition

Matrix, recently unveiled its indigenously designed COSEC Facial Recognition. Matrix COSEC Face Recognition is based on innovative, deep learning technology, which evolves as per regular user interaction in different conditions. It identifies a user quickly and accurately with 1:1 or 1:N identification method. The technology checks liveness of a face with 99.53% accuracy. It accepts the user's mobile as a credential, which eliminates hardware cost and makes the verification process simple and secure.
With contactless authentication, Matrix COSEC Facial Recognition technology reads the user's face through COSEC APTA application. It ensures contactless authentication and identifies user's face in <1 Sec. It eradicates the issues of identifying varying height of user(s) as the user needs to capture the image of their face in a smart phone for authentication process. Moreover, it works well even in low bandwidth conditions and is agnostic to changes in facial hair, angles and lighting.
Smartphone as an Identity: By installing COSEC APTA application in their smartphone, users' mobile becomes a biometric device for Time- Attendance and Access Control applications. Identification or verification is done through capturing an image of their face through the phone's camera which in turn marks their attendance. Ease of Face Enrollment: The user face enrollment is done by capturing the image of a user's face from different angles, which gets stored in COSEC CENTRA/VYOM database.