Now, printers to be protected from malware attacks, says HP Inc

Recent global malware attacks have alerted even companies making devices which are not normally subject to virus assaults to sit up and take notice. HP Inc announced recently embedded security features in its printers, including cloud printing solutions, to stay ahead of the malware attacks.
“As the cyber landscape evolves and the path of work transforms, we will drive partner success with innovative new services and solutions for printing easily and securely, enabling increased services and revenue opportunities,” said Enrique Lores, President, Imaging & Printing at HP Inc. He said the delivery from HP labs would help customers shut down malware attacks by raising the bar on embedded printer security to stay ahead of an increasingly challenging threat landscape. The solution would also have advanced self-healing capabilities.
Claiming to engineer the world's most secure printers, HP said in a release that it would deliver trusted, resilient security that starts with endpoint devices secured by design with powerful layers of protection for the device, data and documents.
The embedded security feature  HP Connection Inspector  can inspect outbound network connections, typically abused by malware, determine what is normal and then stop suspicious activity, the company said.