Kingston DataTraveler 2000 - for serious data storage

Kingston, one of the most well known memory and USB flash drive manufacturers constantly keeps up with technology and foreseeing the needs of users, recently launched their latest flash drive, the DataTraveler 2000.  The DataTraveler 2000 has several interesting factors that might make it one of the best secure flash drives around. The DataTraveler 2000 includes AES-256 in XTS mode and is hardware based rather than software based and uses an alphanumeric keypad to unlock the drive.  Finally, it includes an automatic data wipe after 10 failed PIN entries.  

The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 has a metal casing with a rubberized finish thus providing a nice high end texture and also helps to protect the drive more than just metal can.  There are a total of three LED’s on the drive, two of them near the USB connector indicates the drive status of either Locked or Unlocked, and is also critical for adjusting the PIN and setting the Mode.  The other LED by the KEY button indicates drive access and power.  Between the bottom LED and the end of the drive is a little rubber ring that keeps the drive protected once it is inside it’s outer cap.

Setting a personalized PIN is very easy on the DT2000. It includes a 10-second timeout on the steps, so one will want to know what to use as their personal PIN.  One cannot recover the PIN in case its forgotten. Using the Alphanumeric keypad one can use anything between 7 and 15 characters.  There are a couple of restrictions though in setting the PIN. It can’t be a single  character repeated and it can’t only be consecutive numbers.  Once the DT2000 is unlocked with the current PIN, the KEY button has to be pressed twice and then the new PIN has to be entered. Pressing the KEY button twice again confirms the new PIN. The LED turns green if it was successful.  

If one forgets the PIN, then the data needs to be deleted and started all over again. This can be done by entering the PIN incorrectly 10 times, on which the DT2000 will automatically delete the data and set to factory default settings. The DT2000 can be factory resetted manually also by following a series of commands.
The DataTraveler 2000 includes a few different access modes like enabling Read/Write, Read Only, and adjust the Timeout Lock.  Like setting the PIN, each of these is very easy once the process is known.  Each of them begins with entering the current PIN.  Then pressing the KEY button three times, enter mode access.  Enter the code for the mode you want to enable, and press the KEY button again. For Read Only:  76, Read / Write:  79, TimeOut Adjustment:  85.

The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 a great little USB 3.1 Gen 1 flash drive.  to keep data secure. The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 32GB and 16GB is rated for 135MB/s Sequential Read and 40MB/s Sequential Write. Though not the fastest, but fully encrypted with AES-256 XTS, waterproof and dustproof. The Kingston DT 2000 is definetly a USB drive worth considering for anyone looking to secure their movable data.