Fujifilms instax Mini 9 ~The retro gadget

Instant cameras were a craze once upon a time, but with the advent of digital cameras, they slowly phased out. But not anymore! Instant cameras are back in vogue now, and Fujifilm is manufacturng the best today. Amongst a range of instant cameras, the company has released, the latest one –Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 takes the cake with new features and improved designs to attract the selfie generation.

The Fujifilm instax Mini 9 has a cute form factor with a sturdy and solid build. Except for the front dial to adjust the exposure in the photograph, there are no other sqeaking parts. It measures 116 mm x 118.3 mm x 68.2 mm and weighs about 300 gm. The Mini 9 incorporates a simple design with no complicated dials and settings and thus makes it extremely user friendly. The Mini 9 introduces a mirror known as the ‘self-portrait mirror’ right next to the camera lens. The mirror and the camera lens are situated on the lens barrel which in turn is surrounded by the ‘Brightness adjustments dial.The dial can be adjusted according to the ‘Brightness indicator’ present towards the upper right size. The power button sits at the lower right-hand corner of the camera from the front. Pushing the button switches on the camera and the camera barrel pops out. Pushing the camera barrel down turns off the camera. The camera lens is usually covered by a lens cover which automatically opens and closes down depending on if the camera is off or on.

The light sensor is on the top of the barrel, and right to the ‘flash lampface’. This ‘flash lampface’ is the one and only flash unit on the camera, and very high in intensity. The
Viewfinder and the Shutter button are on the front of the camera towards the top left corner on the camera. Pictures clicked comes out from the top of the camera from the ‘Film ejection slot’.

The back of the camera has the eyepiece along with the flash charging lamp indicator. On the right, is the back cover which can be opened from the back cover lock towards the top. There are two additional indicators on the back, the first one on the back cover which indicates if the camera has a film pack loaded or not. The second indicator is at the bottom towards the right side. It informs the number of films left in the current film pack. The battery lid is present on the right side of the device from the back. The Mini 9 is powered by two standard AA dry-cells.

The Fujifilm Mini 9 prints photos on a Fujifilm instax Mini film with 62 mm x 46 mm dimension. Its lens comes with two lens components and two lens elements. The effective focal length of the camera is fixed at 60 mm along with 1:127 magnification ratio. It sports a glass image finder that includes a target spot to help the users ensure that the subject is in the centre of the photo. The Mini 9 can shoot images from a minimum distance of 0.6 m. The camera works on a cartridge based system where the films are loaded in the form of cartridges with an automatic feeding out. The film needs 90 seconds to develop depending on the room temperature of the photo.

The Mini 9 has a constant firing flash system which can’t be turned off. The camera uses a light sensor to adjust the light of the flash. It takes up to 6 seconds for the Flash to charge after one photo and is only effective in a short
range from 0.6 m to 2.7 m. To conserve the battery the camera powers off after 5 minutes of inactivity. The included close-up lens attachment allows users to take close-up shots from up to 35 cm. For high-contrast images, the camera has a High-key mode in the brightness adjustment dial. The brightness adjustment dial adjusts the brightness between four levels ranging from Indoors, Cloudy, Sunny and Sunny bright.

The picture quality is very unique, with a near to natural look to each picture. All pictures are instant- raw, as it is. Thats what instant cameras are all about. The pictures takes about 2 mins to develop outside the camera. The  pictures are soft looking, with not much details and isnt very high in contrast.

Conclusion: The Mini 9 costs below Rs 6,000 and at this price point, it makes a compelling buy for anyone looking for a unique souvenir to capture amoments and feelings. The Mini 9 is the perfect instant camera for parties and social gatherings where instant photos add to the fun of the event.