D-Link DCS-825L Baby monitor ~Dependable eyes to watch over the baby

A baby monitor is one of the most important equipment in a child’s nursery. This piece of technology is simply something no parent should be without. Traditionally baby monitors was all about voice only, but that’s history now. Baby monitors today are both video and audio, thus easing the paranoia of parents with all the little noises coming from the nursery and that without video resulted in the parents getting up and checking on their bundle of joy insistently. No more! Baby video monitors are here, and one such good video monitor is the D-Link’s DCS-825L HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera.

The DCS-825L camera itself is a very attractive device; it’s perfectly round, with four buttons on top and a cute little tail-type antenna. From left to right, the four buttons perform the following functions: music on/off, volume down, volume up, and power on/off. The front of the camera houses the lens with a manual rotating focus ring. The back of the camera houses the speakers as well as the microUSB power port and microSD card slot. The microSD card slot is used to both house music files to play to your baby or act as a nanny-cam and record video when motion or sound is detected. The underside of the camera houses the reset button, LED power indicator, and LED cloud
connectivity indicator. Also on the bottom is the threaded mount to attach to the wall mount.

The adorable little tail coming out of the back actually contains a temperature sensor and a round light on the top of the camera will show you at a glance if the temperature is in a good range, too hot, or too cold. There's also ring of infrared LEDs that come on automatically when the light gets low. It also comes with two different mounts: One is a tabletop-type mount that is used if you’re putting your camera on a flat surface, the other is a wall mount that easily attaches to a wall and allows the camera to be aimed any which way.

Setting up the camera is easy. It just needs to be plugged in, connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network (using the secure password included in the set up guide) and the MyDlink Baby Camera Monitor app on my Android phone does the rest. The app takes one through connecting the camera to the home network as well as creating an account with MyDlink.com to log in remotely. One actually doesn’t need to connect to the home network though. The camera just needs to be in the broadcast mode, and any smartphone or tablet with the MyDlink Baby app connects directly to the camera’s network and watch streaming video directly.
The MyDlink Baby app also has settings for adjusting the temperature, noise, and motion levels, as well as choosing which lullabies to play, how long they will play, and how loud. Once the camera set up, The video stream can be viewed through the web browser on Windows or OS X. One can also access some of the camera’s settings and watch the video stream through the MyDlink Lite or MyDlink Home app.

The camera switches automatically between day and night modes. The motion detector is highly sensitive and captures the baby’s movements quite impressively. The viewing angle is not very wide, but serves the purpose of fitting the whole baby crib in one frame very easily. The audio and video is crisp and clear.


The D-Link’s DCS-825L HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera does exactly what it needs to do: It monitors the baby in the absence of anyone else in the room and does it with ease and perfection. Certainly recommended for the new and would be parents.