Saregama Carvaan ~ Nostalgic Memories

Indian Music label, Saregama’s new Bluetooth speaker -The Carvaan isn't just a simple speaker. It's got a number of interesting features built-in, most notable of which is that it comes with 5,000 classic Hindi songs, which one can listen to anytime without any Internet connection. Its classic design of a vintage portable radio also stands out.

The highlight of the Carvaan is definitely its design. As far as specifications goes, the 1.5kg stereo speaker has an audio wattage of 6W - that's 3W to each individual driver. The Carvaan supports USB playback, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and there's a Saregama mode which lets you play the stored collection, which also includes the Radio Geetmala commentary by Ameen Sayani which goes back to 1952.

The look of the Carvaan is modelled after a classic portable radio. There's a couple of large metal buttons on the front which switches between the stored content modes; and there's a huge and shiny tuning knob like a real radio would have. A black band runs just under this knob, where a real radio would have the frequency details. The Carvaan uses this space for a simple LCD display. There's a metal and plastic handle that can be turned out of sight, and on the left, are four buttons, for the different sources Saregama, USB, FM, and Bluetooth. On the right, there’s a plastic vertical volume dial, and below that a 3.5mm port to connect headphones.. On top there's a big power button, and a small battery indicator light. The lower half of the front face has a simple grille, covering the two
speakers, and the back is mostly plain, apart from a USB port (for playing music), Micro-USB (for charging), and a tiny Reset button to reset the device.

The Carvaan starts off with the Saregama mode when switched on for the first time. The tuning knob can be used to move forward across the years, from 1952 to 1979. The forward and back buttons under the tuning knob let one move forward between the different tracks on the record. The moods button is used to switch between different genres, and the Artistes button for different singers. There is more to Saregama Carvaan than Geetmala. The device comes with over 80 dedicated stations pre-loaded with a strong repository of 5,000 retro songs under two categories of Artistes and Moods, right from Lata Mangeshkar, Kishor, Mohd Rafi, Mukesh, Geeta Dutt etc etc. An important feature is the fact that you hear the songs in a different sequence each time you play the device, recreating the old magic of listening to radio that came with a surprise element- you didn’t know which song was to be played next.

The same knob is used to move across tracks on a USB drive, and to tune the FM radio. The FM radio can be used by simply turning the knob to tune through the various frequencies –just like one used to do on a old times radio. Bluetooth mode goes into pairing right away and is pretty easy to set up and use for anyone who has ever used such a portable speaker. In Bluetooth mode, one can only use the volume dial.

The audio quality of the Carvaan is fairly decent. It works best with the stored music, delivering the classic tones of the old tracks and the radio commentary cleanly and loudly. The speaker is loud enough to be heard like a radio used to sound. FM works easily as well, and with the simple tuning knob, even people who aren't comfortable with technology, will be able to go from listening to retro music to listening to the latest hits with ease.

The Carvaan, which charges via a standard Micro-USB charger (included in the box), lasts over 4 hours of playback at full volume, while it lasts for around 6 hours at a more comfortable level.

Anyone interested in buying The Carvaan would not actually buy it for the sound quality, but for a nostalgic feeling, and thats what The Carvaan does best. It does transport you back to the old times. The Carvaan, with its turning knob like the old radio is designed to evoke the past. The Carvaan is a definite buy for anyone who grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s.

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