TP-Link Smart Bulb LB 130 ~-lightning the smartest way

TP-Link LB 130 smart bulb is fully colour enabled dimmable and tunable LED bulb manageable via a Wi-Fi network.

The TP-LINK LB130 smart bulb is larger than other LED bulbs and feels quite heavy, weighing about 175 gms, but is compact enough to fit easily into any typical fixture. The TP-LINK LB130 can connect only to wireless networks on the 2.4 GHz frequency, using the 802.11b/g/n standards. The “smart” part is offered through the Kasa smartphone app that works on any smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher, and iOS 8 or greater. The Setup is quite simple and is designed to work with TP-Link’s Kasa smart home management system, a most intuitive way to interact with the bulbs. To pair the bulb, one needs to connect to the bulb’s temporary Wi-Fi network, and then use the app to switch it over to one’s own wireless LAN.

The LB130 specifies 800 lumens of brightness. The traditional globe like shape of the LB130 provides a more even spread of light. The color temperature can vary between 2500K to 9000K, depending on how bright it is required to be. The best thing about the TP-LINK LB130 is the fact that it offers access to the full RGB color spectrum. Therefore, you can pick colors for every occasion and adjust the brightness as well as a light appearance from soft white (2500k) to daylight (9000k). You can render some exciting colors for all kinds of contexts.

The bulb is also Alexa-certified, however, and can hook into Amazon’s voice-controlled smart-home system. To pair it with Alexa, the smart home section of the Alexa app needs to be opened, tap "Get More Smart Home Skills" and search for the Kasa skill. When you enable it, it'll ask you to provide your login info -once you do, you'll be able to ask Alexa to scan for the bulb and add it to the list of devices she can control. From there, Alexa can turn the bulb on and off or dim it up and down. It can also be grouped with other Alexa-compatible lights to control everything at once.

There's plenty of utility packed into the Kasa app, with scheduling, energy tracking, and a "Circadian Mode" that'll automatically adjust the bulb's brightness and color temperature throughout the day.

The scheduling tool works well enough, letting you program the bulb to turn on or off or change colors at specific times of day, but there's no option for selecting a custom fade duration. On the energy tracking front, the app will let you keep tabs on how much you're using each bulb on a per-day average, along with the average energy savings over a standard 60W incandescent. The unique Circadian mode offered lets Kasa auto-tune the bulb lighting, apparently shifting from colder bluish light in the morning to warmer tones at night.

The LB130 is a 60W with a maximum brightness of 800 lumens, but scores a little higher in actual usage. The colours are nice and bright, with colour accuracy very strong. In terms of efficiency, the bulb draws 11 watts at peak brightness, thus saving quite a bit on the electricity bills too.

TP-LINK LB130 is maybe one of the smartest smart bulbs that money can buy. It’s a bit expensive because it offers full RGB lighting and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is easy to setup, and it offers plenty of customization. The best thing of the LB130 is that it doesn’t need a smart home hub, only a smartphone app to get it working. The TP-LINK LB130 is an excellent choice for anyone needing a smart bulb with full RGB colors.