NECTA starts new year with a bang- Succesfully completes soul satisfying donation project

The new body of NECTA decided to start their innings with a social project of donating necessary commodities oldage homes and orphanages. On the occasion of the 8th death anniversary of Rajib Sarma and as a mark of respect to the departed soul, NECTA decided to donate necessary commodities like food materials, Warm Clothes, Medicines, etc to five of Guwahati City’s Oldage Homes and Orphanages. Personal donations were collected in cash or kind from the ever ready to help channel members of the Northeast, and in a matter of just two days, the entire project was chalked out and ready to roll.
On the 11th of January 2017, the channel members gathered at the office of Elite Computers and Communication to pay homage to late Rajib Sharma. The channel members were divided into five different teams to distribute the essentials to the five different oldage homes and orphanages.

Each team went to their designated place of donation and spent time interacting with the inmates and the caretakers of the orphanages and oldage homes.

To round it up, it was a completely soul satisfying project for the association and the members associated with the project.