Interview with Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari, CEO, Astrum Holding Ltd.

How are you finding the accessory market in India?
The number of mobile phones and smartphone users and the users’ exposure to the internet are certainly growing expeditiously, as a device for entertainment and leisure. Pertaining to that, the demand for mobile phone accessories also remains high. However, phone productions in IT industry are a menace and knowing that manufacturers consider pricing as a significant factor in an attempt to maintain the market reputation. And as a matter to envision, over 40% of mobile phone accessories revenues in India will remain under mid-price range over the following decade.

However, the year 2017 has been a roller coaster ride because of GST and Demonetization which abruptly brought a digital revolution to India. Where 50% of the Industry use to operate on cash has had seen a new transition altogether.

What are the challenges faced by Astrum in this market?
Everyone eyes for acquiring cutting-edge devices loaded with optimum performance and innovative features; however, at potent prices. Though innovative technology is a constantly developing trend, of that quality, remains a worry. So, for that purpose, we have always been in favor of providing our customers with the best of both worlds. To consider every element of our progress from innovation to revenues, we believe that customer satisfaction is paramount.

Sub-standard quality products moreover are another of a hurdle for IT industry which remains a threat in our country. Nevertheless, we, at Astrum in the first place have planned a strategy and aim to redefine your perspective to trends presenting you the up-to-the-minute technology.

How Astrum differentiates itself from the competition?
Dedicated to offering quality and steadfast to create wide sales and service network, Astrum has appointed new partners, key members and distributors in different spheres. Doing so ensures the presence of the products at the nearest retails to you.

The key focus of the brand remains expansion of product portfolio by bringing niche solutions along with a strong partner and team. Our portfolio at present has a huge category of innovative and quality-uncompromised products which compete with multiple prominent brands in the market. In a perspective of being different, we offer a widespread reach targeting the tier 2 and tier 3 bands.

What kind of channel eco-system does Astrum have? How is the company enabling its partners?
We are steadfast to build a strong channel network. We are a very channel-friendly company and also are stretching our foothold by budding with our channel partners, which have always been our belief. Since we are currently undertaking several training camps on ‘New Technology’ in India, we consider our channel partners as a significant fragment of Astrum with the reason that they are our staunch ally to our brand image.

As far as camps are concerned, it facilitates us a two-way communication for the brand in which we understand the first-hand information, needs of our customers. This association long-term, we are also working on several channel friendly schemes and policies.  

What is the future vision of the company?
Since its inception, Astrum as a brand has subsequently enabled people to get worldwide access to the futuristic technology. Astrum aims to make people ‘Experience the Difference’ with its extensive portfolio of the unparalleled and top-notch product range of over 1000+ unique ones across 40 diverse classifications.

How important is R&D for Astrum?

Astrum is a firm collaborator and believer in innovation and innovation being the key differentiating factor of our business from other competitors in the market. Our well-experienced manufacturing team at Astrum guarantees that every product manufactured is of top-notch quality. A superior aspect or element such as Noise Cancellation technology in Headphones, Bluetooth compatibility in Smart Lock, and longer battery life in Powerbank and other Astrum products is what makes it stand out from its competitors. Every think-tank in Astrum is dedicated to building an innovative gadget which gets shaped up in physical production, by next 3-6 months.

Astrum looks forward to India as a country to be more digitalized, secured & reliable with our upcoming smart products. Astrum is a staunch ally of the belief that the next generation is more tech savvy & always prefers to buy genuine products with enhanced features, rather than just asking for a price.