Interview with Mr. Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support, NetRack

How has NetRack grown in the last 5 years?
NetRack is one of the leading Indian manufacturers for Server racks and accessories which is constantly growing with a revenue growth of 30% since last five years. The company is generating its major chunk of revenue from India only.  We have added over 100 customers yearly from different industry verticals including IT/ ITeS, BFSI, Government, Hospitality, Data Centers and Engineering Labs.

Also, over the years NetRack has maintained a continuous growth in its revenues, and now we have made our mark to global markets too. We are making a strong pitch in the Mid-East, Europe and Africa regions and are giving tough competition to the existing players in these regions.

How do you find business growth post demonetization and GST?
NetRack is among the companies which endured the hostile market scenarios and remained profitable in the post demonetization period. Also, we welcome Indian government’s historic tax reform measure GST. We believe that the GST can become a game changer for the manufacturing industry and put India’s manufacturing sector back on track from its sluggish growth. The end of multiple taxes and reduction in cascading taxes will form a uniform national market, which will directly benefit the customers as well as manufacturers.

What are the target segments of yours and any new segments you have added to business?
Aside, IT, ITES, Government  & BFSI ( Office space Networking NetRack), we are focused on Engineering labs and Data centers and solutions deployed along with Intelligent products like Intelligent KVM, iPDU, Environmental Monitoring and Locking solutions. We are positive to contribute to these sectors to drive our growth figures further.

How is Business in Northeast? How different is this market when compared to the rest of India? Whom would you give credit for your business growth in Northeast?
NetRack has its presence all over India and we are faring well in the Northeast Indian market as well. Although, Northeast contribute to lesser part of our revenue, but we have also bagged some big projects which are helping us making progress as a trusted provider in this market. Apart from online sales, we have our channel partners and resellers who are helping us grow our footsteps in the Northeast market.

Do you have any new plans for northeast Business Growth ?

Yes, we have very compelling plans for the Northeast market. We are already in the process of getting some big projects. The Government, BFSI and IT/ITeS will be our major focus for this financial year in the Northeast India. As now we have fully functional distribution model in Northeast, we look forward to generate significant revenue from this market as well.

Do you have any plans to set up new manufacturing unit in India other than Bangalore?
May not be manufacturing unit but in future we may plan to set up warehouses in strategic locations across India to support distribution network, as GST has made the material movement very easy across the country. At present we have Increased Our Stock at Factory to support emergency Project requirements.

I know you are expanding your business out of India too. What all areas you have made your presence and what more areas are you targeting at?
We have made our significant presence in major overseas markets, particularly in APAC and EMEA region. We have received 15% of our overall growth from the overseas markets and Mid-East and Europe region contributed the major part of this revenue. We are continuously expanding and looking for new market places across territories. We are targeting to increase our overseas growth to 20% this financial year.

Any plans to add new products in your list of products other than rack, KVM & Console.
We are committed to provide best of the products and solutions to the industry and our R&D team is constantly working towards it. Our recent products AcoustiRack -ACTIVE series received phenomenal response. This is a soundproof cabinet which comes with active noise cancellation technology, providing unprecedented levels of noise reduction up to 30dB.AcoustiRack-ACTIVE is not only silent solution for data centers but they consume less energy also.
We have also launched our exclusive range of white cabinets for the coming of the age data center requirements, which helps to save Cost by reducing energy consumption while making it easier for IT staff to operate the equipment in the data center.
NetRack Also launched iRackand iRackBlocks, supported by Climaveneta’s unique In-Rack cooling unit, For faster DC Deployment.