Interview with Atul Jain

Atul Jain, son of Saroj Jain of Swastik Systems, joins his father’s business. With a sole motive of taking the family business to greater heights. Acquiring a MBA degree from Singapore Management University, Singapore, he plans to put his education to good use.

Tell me something about yourself?
Basically from Rajasthan, but born and bought up in Arunachal Pradesh. I have done my schooling from there, boards from Jaipur and  Software engineering from MIT, Manipal. I have a couple of years of work experience in Cerner, an IT firm in Bangalore. From there I joined our business back in NE to get a brief about it and after some time in 2016, I pursued my Masters in Management from Singapore Management University, Singapore.

What makes you move towards your dad’s business?
After expanding our business in Assam and entire North-East a few years back, I understood that my father would definitely need a helping hand. That is when I thought of entering into the business, but lacking a managerial knowledge, I was far from being fit for the business. Hence I made a decision of doing an MBA and then continue with the business.   

How does your work in this organization fit your educational qualifications?
Being a software engineer and having an MBA degree at the same time is the best fit possible to kick-off in this organization. The dual degree gives me a blend of both technical and managerial knowledge of handling an IT business.

As a young businessman starting out, what are the opportunities you see in the northeast?

In terms of Information Technology, North-East India is still a developing region as compared to other tier-1 cities. The IT business is far from its pinnacle and with a large untapped market in North East, I believe that opportunities are massive here.   

What are your strength and weaknesses?
At professional level, I think my biggest strength is my knowledge of both IT and Management which would come handy in making critical business decisions. Apart from that, I think my biggest strength is my father whom I always look out to in order to understand the nuts and bolts of our organization. At a personal level, I am quite a hard-working, self-motivated person with a strong sense of conscience. Talking about my weaknesses, I believe I am too honest and straightforward which may not be good for me sometimes.

As a young businessman joining your father’s business, what would you like to change in the current style of business and why?
Be it an E-commerce company or a brick & mortar store, efficiency is the thing that companies today are trying to gain in order to achieve excellence. One example could be to digitize our day to day business activities. “Efficiency” is what I would like to bring in our daily business processes.

After completing your studies abroad, were you not inclined to stay back abroad and work? What made you come back to India to join your father’s business?
Before leaving for Singapore, it was crystal clear in my mind that I have to come back to India. I have done several internships in Singapore to get a taste of the corporate life outside India and I am hoping to bring a few of these practices in our business.

What will be your goal for the next three years?

Being relatively new in the industry my primary goal would be to learn all the aspects of our business and my secondary goal would be to bring operational efficiency in our business and hence eventually expand our business to other parts of the region.